WHETHER IT IS FOR daily life or for sport our custom fit insoles
will bring you comfort, support and performance.
Our products will fit to all the feet and shoes thanks to our molding process and arch adaptation. The full process only 5 minutes.t to all the feet and shoes thanks to our molding process and arch adaptation. The full process only 5 minutes.
Stand on the analysis tool and examine your feet

Obtain your feet profile and recomended insoles

Fit your insole by thermoforming process

Walk away with your custom-fit insoles

Get your custom-fit insoles, it''s fast & easy thanks to Scan & Sole
Scan & Sole ofers two analysis solutions

Type of analysis : visual
Arch : low/medium/high
Insole range : flat range
Visual analysis
Arch level determined by the operator
Type of analysis : digital
Arch : low/medium/high
Insole range : flat range & preshaped range
Recording analysis data
Arch level calculated automatically
Pressure points
Easy molding process
Easy molding process
You only need to stand on the fitsole device, get your footprint and adjust the arch according to three levels. This fitsole device gets your foot shape thanks to a vacuuming process so that we can adapt the insole to your feet.

We provide you with two types of custom-fit insoles : daily life or sport.

Thanks to the thermoforming process, our insoles will help you to :
  • increase your stability
  • prevent injuries
  • improve your body posture
  • correct your foot position
  • reduce the risk of foot fatigue
  • absorb shock waves

Better weight distribution = improved posture !
Our daily wear insoles assure stability, and therefore prevent injuries and improve your body posture. The arch support fills in the space under your feet, helping you better distribute your weight and relieving pain in your feet, knees, hips and back.

Our thin insoles fit all types of shoes. They are made with antiperspirant materials for extra comfort and are easy to remove if you want to wash them.

Sports usually cause foot fatigue and bad posture which can lead to tendinitis and fatigue fractures. Our sport insoles reduce this risk by correcting the position of the foot in the shoe thanks to the arch support.

Those insoles are also made to absorb shock waves to lessen feet, knees, hips and back trauma.


Urban Comfort men
Urban Comfort women
Urban Protect men
Urban Protect women
Urban Active men
Urban Active women
Sport Active
Sport Expert
Slim Active
Slim Expert
Stability Active
Stability Expert

Scan & Sole allows people to feel comfortable and healthy. Thanks to our concept, our insoles will fit all feet and shoes.

Frequently asked
Can I wear the Scan & Sole insoles with all of my shoes ? ?

No you can’t, you have to make sure you have enough space inside the shoes to fit your insoles. If your shoes are too tight, the insoles will not be as beneficial and might feel uncomfortable. However, the insoles are thin and will suit almost all types of shoes. If necessary, you can cut the forefoot to match perfectly with your toes.

How long can I use my insoles for ? ?

With a normal use, you can wear them for a year and a half. However, if you use sports insoles in an intensive way, they might last less. It is exactly the same logic than with your shoes.

Are they medical insoles ? ?

No, they are not. Our insoles are made with podiatry materials but can’t be considered medical insoles per say because they are not made by podiatrists. However our insoles will bring you arch support, comfort and weight distribution.

Will the Scan & Sole insoles relieve pain in my knees, heels, feet and back ? ?

Yes, our insoles can help decrease pain. They are based on a neutral physiological shape that we adapt to your feet to create a mask. The thermoforming process we are using has been used for many years in podiatry. It has been proven that it helps you better distribute the pressure on your feet, which decreases your pain. Please be advised that no insoles in the world ever gave 100% positive results.

How long should I wait to see the benefits of the Scan & Sole insoles ? ?

It usually takes about 3 weeks to feel the benefits of the insoles.

My feet are flat, can I use your insoles ? ?

Of course. With our process, we create a unique arch support that will give you the arch support you need.

My feet are flat, can your insoles change their shape ? ?

The insoles change the position of your feet when you wear them, but when you walk without them your feet take back their natural position. Insoles can’t change the shape of your feet themselves.

Can I wash my insoles ? ?

Yes you can wash them but only at low temperatures, otherwise their shape might change and they risk not being adapted to your feet anymore.

What can I do if I don’t feel comfortable with my insoles ? ?

You can wear them gradually to let your feet muscles get used to them. If they are not comfortable after 3 weeks, it might just be a problem of adaptation. You can go back where the insoles were made for you so that they can be heated up again to start a new process of adaptation.

What are the main advantages of the Scan & Sole insoles ? ?

They absorb shock, relieve pain, support your feet, increase your body balance and support the arch. They are made with dynamic materials for sports, and are very comfortable to wear.
In 2019 we created Scan & Sole. Thanks to our long experience in the insoles business, we were able to create Scan & Sole to allow people all around the world to get custom fit insoles in 10 minutes. We started promoting our concept at Arab Health 2019 in Dubai. It was just the beginning of an exciting adventure.

correct your foot position

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